PCS Consulting, Inc. specializes in the implementation of Profitability & Cost Management Systems, with consulting services targeted to assist our clients through each step of implementation to achieve:

  • Product, Customer, Channel Profitability
  • Cost-To-Serve Reporting & Analysis
  • Shared Services Costing & Charge-Back
  • Activity-Based Planning & Budgeting
We provide our clients with the subject matter, methodology, technology and industry expertise required for sustained success. We assists clients internationally across virtually every industry to implement powerful costing and profitability decision support solutions that provide significant value to the organization.

Profitability & Cost Management Expertise

The purpose of a well designed profitability and cost management system is not to provide more accurate cost and profitability calculations. Its purpose is to provide insight that drives quality decisions. Our profitability and cost management specialists are recognized for their expertise employing activity-based methods that successfully accomplish this objective.

We provide profitability and cost systems services for organizations across the globe. Our consultants provide thought leadership with research groups such as APQC, BBRT, CAM-I, etc. These consultants are global speakers, educators, and authors on the subject of Profitability and Cost Management. With these seasoned consultants, we bring industry leading thought leadership, education and training, design and implementation expertise, software intelligence, and proven solutions that provide value for each individual client.

Proven Implementation Methods & Technology

The vast experience and expertise of our consultants, software Intelligence, systems integration and business Intelligence systems culminate into proven Profitability and Cost Management Design & Implementation methods, with a foundation of over twenty years implementation experience across multiple industries. Armed with this experience and expert resources, we provide hands-on assistance through each stage of the Profitability & Cost Management system implementation process.

Implementing a sustaining profitability & cost management system with a low cost of ownership requires much more than building relevant cost models. It requires tapping into multiple and often disparate source data systems with an organized and repeatable process that provides decision support information through the appropriate reporting technology. We provide full Systems Integration design and implementation expertise and resources, focused and experienced specifically for Profitability & Cost Management Systems and Business Intelligence Reporting & Analysis. We provide a unique blend of costing and systems skills, uncommon to many other firms.

Software Intelligence & Expertise

Through in-depth reviews and hands-on experience, we maintain Software Intelligence of the leading Profitability & Cost Management software solutions. We provide Software Briefings for organizations investigating purchasing software. These briefings cut through the marketing hype and help our clients to understand the “true” differences between solutions most important to each client’s success.

Leveraging our extensive implementation experience and software intelligence, we provide a comprehensive software Selection methodology used to evaluate and select Activity Based Costing software to best meet our clients' specific requirements. These combined skills, experience and software intelligence help our clients to minimize risk, reduce overall implementation costs and select the software best aligned to meet their specific needs.

Education, Training & Resources

We provide a range of Profitability & Cost Management education and training webinars and on-site workshops. Sessions are delivered through one to two hour webinars and half-day, one day and two day workshops. We provide many resources ranging from articles, white papers, newsletters and industry news on this site. Most are free to download and subscribe with simple no risk registration.


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