Systems Integration & Business Intelligence

The design and implementation of a profitability and cost management system should never be an IT owned project. The project should be driven and managed by the business who will use it. However, IT plays an integral role and is always a key part of any successful design and implementation process. Today’s profitability and cost management software, source data and reporting systems are sophisticated. IT skills are required to build these systems for sustainability and low cost of ownership.

Part of Mainstream Business Processes

One of the most valuable “Lessons Learned” over the last decade or so has been that sub-systems not part of the mainstream business processes become extinct over time. They tend to last only as long as the people who built them continue to support them and/or the systems servicing as source data remain the same. When the data source systems are significantly upgraded or changed, any informal links feeding the cost system become broken. Resources to rebuild them is often not provided. When the people who championed and built the initial system move or leave the organization, support for the system begins to wane and eventually dies.

For these reasons, it is critical that the profitability and cost management system be an integral part of the mainline business processes. This includes the period processing and systems supported by the IT organization. Our mix of systems integration and cost / profit modeling consultants work side by side with both the business function and IT organizations to design and build sustainable systems that meet the business needs.

Systems Integration Architecture

Our expert systems consultants provide implementation assistance for each of the systems integration and Business Intelligence components. We provide both the subject matter and technical expertise needed to implement a successful and sustainable profitability and cost management system.

Extract, Transfer & Load (ETL)

Our expert consultants provide guidance and assistance with the design and implementation of the ETL system required to collect data from multiple source systems for use by the profit and cost modeling software. This includes leveraging existing data warehouses and/or developing data marts for this specific purpose.

Depending on the source systems and automation required, this can be a significant part of the overall implementation effort. Our consultants are skilled in designing and building these ETL solutions and can provide the full range of assistance required, from advisory to full development responsibility.

Web-Based Data Collection

Most costing and profit systems require some data to be collected manually from individuals throughout the organization. Most of today’s software solutions provide some level of web-based collection mechanism to capture this data. When that is not the case or more functionality is required, our expert consultants will then utilize additional web-based technology tools to develop the web-based data collection needed.

Business Intelligence Reporting & Analysis

Cost and profit modeling software commercially available today provide various levels of reporting and analysis. Some even provide bi-directional capabilities for what-if and planning analysis. When this internal reporting is not enough or the organization has a standard BI reporting tool for distributing the results information throughout the organization, the modeling results are typically provided to separate BI tools through an open results database.

We have experience integrating cost and profit results information with all of the major Business Intelligence solutions (Business Objects, Hyperion, Cognos, SAS, etc.). We provide a full range of services, from simple cost and profit results integration with an existing BI solution to full implementation of a new BI system, as part of the cost and profitability solution.

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