Project Definition & Planning

Clear Objectives and Requirements

Defining clear objectives and business requirements as a common vision for the profitability and cost management system serve as the guide post for refereeing conflicts and keeping the project on track through each step of the implementation. Our most senior consultants provide guidance and assistance for this critical initial step:

  • Provide Education and Best Practices Workshops for Management
  • Facilitate Development and Documentation of Objectives, Scope, Targets and Deliverables
  • Assist with Development of Common Vision of Business Requirements to Serve as the Guide Post for Refereeing Conflicts and Keep the Project On Track Through the Remainder of the Implementation Cycle.
  • Provide High Level Technical Requirements Guidance and Documentation Assistance.
  • Co-Develop Implementation Plan - Including Work Segments and Tasks, Internal and External Resource Requirements, and Cost Estimates.

Planning Is Everything

As once said by General Dwight Eisenhower; “In Battle, The Plan Is Nothing … Planning Is Everything”. Investing the time and resources up front to properly define and plan the profitability and cost management system design and implementation will save costs in the long run and provide a superior result.

PCS Consulting has the expertise and experience to help your team define and plan a successful implementation.

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