Repair or Replace? Survey of Corporate Budgeting

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UK PCS alliance partner Develin & Partners provide a survey of corporate budgeting in this report challenging conventional approaches to the software maintenance and selection processes.

This report, entitled "Repair or Replace? Survey of Corporate Budgeting", analyzes the responses from 123 UK organizations, representing 6.6 of the UK GDP, to a battery of detailed questions about how they budget. Respondents were drawn from those who are directly involved in the budgeting process:

  • Those in finance who manage the process
  • The decision makers in senior management
  • The budget holders themselves
The questions they were asked cover every aspect of the entire budgeting process:
  • Why and how budgets are compiled
  • How risk is assessed
  • How budgets are reviewed and how organizations react to variations from plan
  • How budgets are revised
  • How budgets are used for planning and control

The report goes further than establishing current practice. Respondents detail where their budgeting processes go wrong and how they can be improved. They make 445 proposals for improving the process - proposal that may trigger ideas for change in your organization.

In addition, respondents comment copiously on every aspect of their views, many of which have been reproduced in this report. So as well as analysis, you can read the underlying thinking that supports it.

On top of this, Develin Partners add comments on findings, challenging conventional approaches and putting the case for replacement rather than repair.

While this is a UK based survey, anyone connected with the budgeting process should find this a useful resource of knowledge and ideas, regardless of geographic location. You will be able to:

  • See how others budget and compare your approach
  • Gauge how well your budget meets its aims compared to others
  • Judge others' ideas for improvement could work for you

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