The Skinny on Lean Management

The Skinny on Lean Management

By: Richard Schonberger, Ph.D.

Skinny on Lean Management.pdf

What lean does, above all else, is provide quick, flexible response to customer demand. But muddling that message are perverse accounting practices that discourage quick delivery well matched to customer usage. Marketing's valued role is in collaborative lean planning, first within the company and then taken to customers in the external value chain.  Lean methods are hampered by how conventional accounting distorts decision-making.  Doing what's right requires a unified attack on the obstacles.  In Lean's customer-focused mission and quest, correctly defined, presented, planned and managed, yields quick response all along the value chain, carrying along greater flexibility, better quality and higher value to the customer.

This short article, originally published by provides an interesting view of customer focused Lean Management by a long-time and globally recognized Lean expert, Richard Schonberger, Ph.D.



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