Practical Lean Accounting

A Proven System for Measuring and Managing the Lean Enterprise
Authored By: Brian Maskell and Bruce Baggaley

Everyone working seriously to implement Lean thinking in their company eventually bumps up against their accounting systems.  It soon becomes clear that traditional accounting systems are actively anti-lean.

This book provides the framework of principles, practices, and tools of Lean Accounting and provides a roadmap for finance managers in companies seeking to transition their organizations into Lean Enterprises.

In the early years of Lean Manufacturing (Just-In-Time, Total Quality, Six Sigma). there was very little consideration given to the possibility of changing the cost accounting and cost management systems to support the new production methods.  In recent years there has been a lot more interest in and acceptance of lean Accounting. 

Lean Accounting is not new.  The finance, accounting, measurement, and management methods of Lean Accounting described in this book have been in use for many years: but this usage has been largely outside the realm discrete manufacturing.  These methods have been revamped to serve the needs of the Lean Enterprise.  This book present these methods revamped for modern Lean Accounting.

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