Hyperion Solutions 2005

PCS Consulting & Beacon Analytics spoke at conference on "Aligning Operational and Financial Planning and Hyperion Business Modeling"


ASMI Performance Summit 05

PCS Consulting is conducted presentation on "Activity-Based Planning & Budgeting" at the American Startegic Management Institute Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting Performance Conference.


AICPA/CAM-I Cost Management Advanced Practices Symposium 2005

PCS Consulting Conducted a One-Day Workshop on "Activity-Based Planning & Budgeting"


IT Chargeback & ABCM Conference 05

PCS Consulting conducted a One-Day Workshop "Developing Consumption-Based ABC for IT Financial Management" and spoke at breakout session on "Consumption-Based ABC for IT Organizations"


Webinar Integrating Costing With Planning & Budgeting

PCS Consulting was featured speaker at ALG Software webinar. PCS presented how the costing and planning/budgeting/forecasting process can be integrated to leverage process performance, resource capacity and product/customer profitability information for competitive advantage.


Hyperion Solutions 2004

PCS Consulting presented "Product and Customer Profitability using Hyperion at Alcoa Europe FRP"


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