Lean Accounting Presentations

PCS Consulting, SAP and BMA present at various conferences, webinars and summits on the subject of Lean Accounting. Access Videos and Presentations.

PCS Consulting has partnered with SAP and BMA, Inc. to deliver a Lean Accounting solution using the SAP Profitability & Cost Management (PCM) software. Working in collaboration with both SAP and BMA, PCS Consulting has created the initial proof-of-concept model in Business Objects PCM and provided direction for implementation options within SAP PCM. The resulting solution provides organizations implementing Lean Manufacturing a costing and profitability solution that supports and encourages the “Lean” principles, and formalizes lean accounting with enterprise-class applications that are fully integrated into the enterprise's business systems to help sustain lean improvement in a consistent way.

PCS Consulting presents on the subject of Lean Accounting at the annual Business Objects User Conference, October 20–22, 2008 in Dallas, Texas and the launch of the Global BusinessObjects Network (GBN). shown.

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Dave Strothmann, Director of the Manufacturing Value Network for SAP North America, and Brian Maskell, President of BMA, Inc. present in this one hour presentation, how to transform a company's financial functions to support the lean enterprise with the use of “Lean Accounting”. The presentation includes a discussion of how to generate lean Value-Stream P&L statements, which provide more relevant cost, profitability and performance metrics to support the lean enterprise. A brief review of the new SAP Lean Accounting solution, developed with PCS Consulting, Inc. was shown.

May 08 Sapphire Presentation


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