SAP Announced General Release of SAP EPM OnDemand Solution "Real Time P&L Analysis"

SAP announced the general availability of the SAP Enterprise Performance Management OnDemand (SAP EPM OnDemand) solution, powered by the SAP HANA application cloud.

The announcement was made at the ASUG SAP BusinessObjects User Conference, held Sept. 10-13 in Orlando, Fla., during the keynote by Sanjay Poonen, president of Global Solutions and head of Mobility Division, SAP.

SAP EPM OnDemand is designed to complement existing SAP solutions for enterprise performance management (EPM). The user interface (UI) is designed to reach a new set of users in the organization using the UI on mobile devices such as the iPad. In addition, the EPM add-in for Microsoft Office can be used with SAP EPM OnDemand as well as the 10.0 version of SAP solutions for EPM.

According to SAP, The first options for SAP EPM OnDemand deliver:

  • Expense Insight: For department managers to understand the details charges to their cost centers, and to dispute and resolve miscoded, incorrect or duplicate expenses.
  • Real-Time Profit and Loss (P&L) Analysis: Reporting the P&L at any level of detail by allocating costs based on consumption of resources.
  • Capital Project Planning: Both non-financial decision-makers and financial experts can analyze the financial consequences of capital investment projects, and optimize the use of capital.

PCS Consulting Comments

We understand the “Real-Time P&L Analysis” is not dependent on the implementation of PCM or any other EPM application.  SAP says it is complementary to PCM, but does not provide any specifics.  It appears to us that "Real-Time P&L Analysis" may be the first step by SAP toward an alternative / replacement of PCM as it exists today.  We would expect the large results databases currently required for a growing number of PCM customers could be eliminated with the in-memory on-demand calculations of the SAP HANA application that "Real-Time P&L Analysis" is built on.  As we learn more, we will share it here on

Learn More:

See the SAP YouTube video Introducing SAP EPM OnDemand


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