SAP Releases PCM 10.0

SAP releases Profitability and Cost Management (PCM) Version 10.0

PCM Release 10.0 provides several improvements, which are summarized below:

Functionality Improvements

  • New Model Type: Bill of Materials
  • Currencies Dimension Enhancements
  • Transaction Costing Activity Driver Volumes by RC
  • Resource Driver Assignments Enhancements
  • Cost Object Assignment Enhancement: User Can Define a Default Driver
    Responsibility Center Type
  • Rules Manager Enhancement: New Filter for Dimensions
  • Rules Enhancement: Support for the InStrRev Function
  • New Default Model Calculation Options
  • Multiple Book Building Updates

Several Technical Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • New Multiple System Log-in
  • Multiple Configuration Enhancements
  • New Support for SAP Solution Manager
  • New Support for the System Landscape Directory
  • New Support for End-to-End Root Cause Analysis
  • New Detailed Application Event Logs
  • New: Support for Appsight Console
  • New: EPO_RESET_SESSIONS Procedure for Backup and Recovery
  • New: Remote Configuration Tool
  • New Security Descriptor Controls Access to CPU Throttling Options
  • Security Descriptors & Access Levels To Manage Item Properties & Data
  • Security Descriptors Screen Enhancement: New Groupings for Field Access
  • Security Descriptors
  • Alerts Screen: Security Tab Enhancements
  • User Monitor Enhancements
  • Enhanced Data Import and Export
  • New Functionality to Export a Data View
  • Export Enhancement: Current Item Export
  • Export Enhancement: Export ID for Export to Database
  • Import Enhancements: Ability to Save and Reuse Import Selections
  • New Database Views (SM suffix & BW prefix)
  • Data Loader Enhancement: Load Assignments
  • Data Loader Enhancement: Load by Any Alias

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