Acorn Systems Enters OnDemand Solution

Acorn Systems announced entry into the Partner Network with Rackspace® to provide customers OnDemand access to the Acorn Enterprise Performance Suite (EPS).  March 25, 2010

Acorn Systems announced they have entered into the Partner Network with Rackspace® Hosting, to provide the Acorn solutions as-a-service (SaaS) offering. The full capability of Acorn’s Enterprise Performance Suite (EPS) will be available to customers and partners, hosted by Rackspace.

Specific solutions to be offered via Acorn Systems OnDemand, include:

OnDemand Effective and Sustained Cost Reduction:
  1. Cost-to-Serve Analysis
  2. Supply Chain Flow Path / Cost Analysis
OnDemand Profit Modeling and Optimization:
  1. Customer (Channel, Segment) Profitability
  2. Product (SKU, Category) Profitability and Rationalization
OnDemand Internal Cost Allocation and/or Chargeback:
  1. Internal Cost Allocation and/or Chargebacks 

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