SAP Introduces BI SaaS Solution

SAP announced release of the new SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand, a new Software As A Service (SaaS) Business Intelligence (BI) solution.  February 24, 2010  

This new product is designed to enable users with no previous experience with Business Intelligence (BI) applications to use a BI toolset with ease.  The product offers all of the latest technology bells-and-whistles and will let users access and navigate through their on-demand and on-premise data by incorporating the complete set of BusinessObjects tools.

Data visualizations can be shared internally or externally with the option to email or share them through an embedded function. David Meyer, VP of emerging technologies for SAP, describes the capability as “as easy to embed into your platform as a YouTube video.” Virtual representations of data have predetermined viewing options, providing representations of data – depending on selected security settings – that are static, explored or modified.

Forrester Research analyst Boris Evelson describes SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand as a first of a kind entry into what he defines as BI SaaS from a large vendor.  “Pretty much every vendor says ‘we host BI,’ but hosting doesn’t equal BI as a service. And providing a virtual cloud is not SaaS.”  Evelson says BI SaaS is defined as instant fully-functional BI SaaS environment, and he says that SAP AG is the only large vendor that can claim that ability. “There are a plethora of small vendors doing this, but BusinessObjects is the first large vendor to do it.”

Dan Vesset, program vice president of business analytics for market research firm IDC says that most of the large vendors have some offering, but this is a tool that requires almost no training and one that is piggy backing a small but rapidly growing segment of the business analytics software market.

Taking a page from Dell's IdeaStorm, the solution provides a feedback tab that lets users offer product suggestions, which will then be voted on by other users.  SAP says the system will be updated monthly, incorporating suggested changes from users.

SAP also plans to roll its Web reporting service into new software.

SAP BusinessObjects BI OnDemand will also include flexible pricing, allowing customers to try and use the product, and easily scale their deployment as necessary. Three editions are planned that range from a comprehensive version with limited storage to one with more advanced capabilities and the ability to handle larger data volumes. This pricing and packaging model allows even casual users to seamlessly move from individual use to departmental-wide deployments. They will be able to build out their SaaS BI system from a complete set of easy-to-use front end tools to add backend capabilities, such as a hosted data warehouse and development environment and single sign-on security.

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